1. Technical introduction

PPLAAF’s website operates through the GlobaLeaks platform. It can be accessed through the TOR browser separating PPLAAF’s website and the GlobaLeaks platform. PPLAAF’s website is therefore a landing page.

2. Communications channels available through PPLAAF

Our security process is based on separating technological elements which can interfere or disclose sensitive information submitted through communication channels. This includes PPLAAF’s hotline and GlobaLeaks (submission of a report/ TIP through a webform) as well as the website. These communications channels are siloed and disconnected from one another.

3. Security process

The idea is to use two distinct technologies to navigate between servers.

No sensitive information should be shared through the hotline and web (navigators).

Voice and web channels are available to individuals as an opportunity to have a primary point of contact, who will thereafter inform and guide them on the way forward. The vulnerabilities of the hotline and the common web channels will be prominently advertised during calls and on the website.

Deep-web only for sensitive information

For sensitive information, only the GlobaLeaks platform will be used. This platform is available through the TOR network allowing for individuals to safely connect and share any sensitive content.

As for data storage and data retention, we keep slice and encrypt information through numerous servers that are legally locked across separate jurisdictional and technological spaces.

The technical services rely on a diversity of independent services providers. This legal model presents similarities with the interlacing technique of the TOR Network and safeguards the confidentiality of the information.

5. Who can access content and sensitive information?

In the first phase, NGOs will receive notifications through GPG or encrypted emails using the GlobaLeaks module. This means: NGOs will be able to access to the TIPs (reports) only if PPLAAF recipients decide to share it via GPG emails.

In a second phase, an Incident/Case Management Tool shall be provided to PPLAAF to securely centralise, document and manage all cases. PPLAAF internal staff members will assign third parties using secure channels for the purposes of collaborating and successfully conducting investigations up to case closure.

The administrator rights and privileges shall be defined per user and will clearly establish the level of access to the content, defining whom should be able to View /Edit /Modify a content in the course of the investigation process.

pplaaf Services

1. Browsers: let’s take a look at your browsing habits

1.1. Accessing PPLAAF platform

You can enjoy a diversity of services with PPLAAF such as:

  • Telephonic support (Hotline) 24×7
  • A secure GlobaLeaks platform
  • Pro bono legal advice and/or defense
  • Connection to credible investigative partners

1.2. Tor Browser

If you choose to contact PPLAAF via the web, you will need to do so thanks to the GlobaLeaks platform, which can only be accessed through the TOR Browser. For more information on TOR browser and how to install it, please see further below section 3.2.

1.3. Change your browsing habit

We strongly encourage you to close any other search engines and other applications in use when you are using the TOR browser and wish to submit your report.

2. PPLAAF Hotline Services

PPLAAF offers the opportunity to an individual to open a dialog by contacting PPLAAF team at
+27.10.500.23.22, if you would like to speak English
+, if you prefer to speak French

During this primary conversation, the caller will be informed and guided based on a risk evaluation of his situation, provided by a team of professionals. At this juncture, no content or sensitive information will be shared, however PPLAAF security procedures will be followed to protect the individual.

3. GlobaLeaks Module

3.1. GlobaLeaks for confidentiality and anonymity

This platform is the only technological platform which guarantees confidentiality and anonymity all along the communication process. In order to ensure the full anonymity of any communication, please read the instructions provided in the sections 3.2.

3.2. Staying anonymous, as desired

Thanks to GlobaLeaks platform, you have the option to communicate with PPLAAF, while preserving your anonymity; or to share your contact details. Your data confidentiality shall be preserved in both cases, regardless of your anonymity preferences.

Prior to submitting a report anonymously via GlobaLeaks, a few recommendations:

  • Make sure you will be using the official TOR Browser. The official website for TOR Browser is: If you have a doubt, you should not share any information that allows your identification. Why taking such precaution? Simply because your IP address makes your communication traceable.
  • To ensure a full anonymity of your communication in a digital environment, it is best practice to use TOR Network. TOR is the platform recognised as the most secure and commonly used one. Just like for any other navigator and to use TOR, you will simply need to download the navigation engine. We highly encourage you to do so, it will take you about 5 minutes.

Please check the video tutorial for installation and how to download TOR. For Windows or for Mac.

4. What is Tor Browser? Why is it the best option to communicate securely?

TOR is a Free Open Source software that allows to improve privacy and security on the internet. When you connect to TOR, the connection goes through a number of encrypted channels, instead of following the usual unique path, i.e. a single point linking you to the destination. Therefore TOR makes it difficult to trace the source of the information and the identification of the person is more protected.

However it is important to note:

  • TOR can’t solve all anonymity problems; however it certainly focuses only on protecting the transport of data within the TOR browser.
  • TOR helps to reduce the risks of both simple and sophisticated traffic analysis

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