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Who is a whistleblower?

Whistleblowing is a term and a concept that carries different meanings around the world. At its basic level, it is when a citizen or employee exposes secretive acts of corruption, injustice, abuse of power or public health threats. The action or omission exposed by the whistleblower can be illegal, but it can also be immoral or against the general interest.

What distinguishes whistleblowing from other kinds of reporting is that whistleblowers are in the position to suffer retaliation and reprisals, and that the inside information they have is critical in halting or preventing crimes, scandals and other threats to the public well-being.

A whistleblower can be…

…a bank employee who learns of a money laundering or tax evasion scheme within the bank and reports the operation to police or the public.

…a soldier who witnesses war crimes being committed by his fellow troops, films the atrocities and releases the video.

…a hospital worker who reports that doctors are selling treatments and medications that are supposed to be free.

…a public employee who discovers that a company has bribed a government official in order to win a public contract.

We believe that the price of doing the right thing should not include sacrificing one’s life, freedom, family, income, job, career or health. In this capacity, PPLAAF plays the intermediary role by providing a community of in-house and external experts to ensure the the process of ‘blowing the whistle’ is removed of the perils and threats usually associated with the same.

We are ready to help whistleblowers who wish to report information on crime, corruption, illicit economic activity – whether in the public or private sector, as well as environmental risks that concern Africa. You may live or be based outside of Africa, and you do not need to be a citizen of an African country. As long as the information pertains to Africa, we are here to help.

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