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Below you will find instructions on how to contact the PPLAAF team securely. We recommend you consider assessing any risks you may face in making contact with us. To conduct such an assessment, please click here.

Confidential information – encrypted email

The easiest way to securely communicate with PPLAAF by email is to do so by using an email address from Protonmail. Protonmail offers free accounts and allows users to create such accounts anonymously. PPLAAF uses Protonmail as its email provider and thus any email you send PPLAAF from a Protonmail address will be end-to-end encrypted by default.

To be better protected, you can also use a VPN.

You can contact us through

If you prefer to use an email service other than Protonmail, you can send us an encrypted email using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). The PGP key for is available here.

Confidential information – encrypted application

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