PPLAAF launches The Witness, a podcast on the realities of whistleblowing in Africa

PPLAAF is proud to launch The Witness, its podcast on the realities of whistleblowing in Africa.
Hosted by Fatima Hassan and Produced by Volume Africa

Would you be willing to risk everything in order to stand up against corruption? These are the stories of the men and women who have done just that. They are a collection of brave and courageous whistleblowers who, all over Africa, have risked assassination, unemployment and severe stress in order to call out governments and huge corporations in their wrongdoing.

Episode 1- Transformation

In episode 1 we look at the topic of “transformation” from whistleblower to activist, how speaking out can lead you on a path that changes your whole life forever. Featuring Andrew Feinstein, Jean-Jacques Lumumba and PPLAAF’s director Henri Thulliez.

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