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South Africa: More Revelations on State Capture

(Johannesburg, November 10th, 2017) – After publishing the Gupta Leaks with its partners, PPLAAF is now disclosing relevant documents of the former CEO of the Gupta-linked company Trillian, declared today PPLAAF, the Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa.

On October 31st and November 3rd, 2017, Bianca Goodson and Mosilo Mothepu, former CEOs of Gupta-linked Trillian, testified in South Africa’s parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises (“Eskom Inquiry”).

“By disclosing information on a massive fraudulent system to the Parliament and the public, Bianca Goodson and Mosilo Mothepu are showing to South Africa and to the World that whistleblowers are the modern watchdogs of democracy”, said William Bourdon, president of PPLAAF.

Corroborating accounts coupled with annexures unravel the role of Trillian and key associates of the Gupta family in accessing insider information and allegedly in siphoning hundreds of millions of Dollars from state-owned entities such as Transnet and Eskom in collusion with Ministers and other public officials, as well as multinationals Testimonies were provided under the umbrella of parliamentary immunity.

Goodson’s statement was previously released by PPLAAF on September 27th, 2017. On November 3rd, Goodson made accessible a copy of her Trillian computer including emails. The disclosure contains contextual data that has been curated to protect personal information relating to Human resources matters and staff at Trillian and Goodson’s own personal life. As much as possible, information was curated to ensure that the privacy of Trillian’s former staff should be protected.

Mothepu’s statement was provided to members of parliament and selected journalists. Mothepu continues to face criminal and civil charges laid by Trillian and has since been accused of perjury by Gupta-associate and Trillian CEO, Eric Wood.

Following a request from the Honorable Acting Chair of the “Eskom Inquiry” to publish “selected extracts” of the Gupta Leaks, PPLAAF curated specific interactions around themes such as Eskom, Transnet, Ministers, Bell Pottinger, KPMG, SAA and Denel among others. These documents, which are meant to show interactions between key persons and entities, are publicly accessible for a period of ten days.

PPLAAF complied with the request of the Parliament as it believes that it is important for citizens to directly access a glimpse of the information – showing how public officials, the Gupta family and their associates, are alleged to have interacted – to understand the depth and ease with which “State capture” occurred at the highest level of political power and influence.

In partnership with amaBhungane and Daily Maverick – original receivers of the Gupta Leaks alongside PPLAAF, the organization has opted to provide access to the Gupta Leaks via a single portal – Investigative Dashboard, which is available to global media via the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) with the support of Finance Uncovered.


November 10th 2017

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